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SELUSI feedback

Data: 07.01.2011


Sometime between November 2009 and March 2010, we contacted you, inviting you to take part in a new, EU-funded and interdisciplinary research initiative on social enterprises in Europe, named SELUSI.

Thanks to your diligent cooperation with our survey efforts, we have been able to launch a unique, new panel database on over 550 social enterprises in Hungary, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

We would like to offer you a sneak preview of these data. For each country, we have put together a feedback report designed to help you benchmark your organization against fellow social enterprises. These reports also aim to help you better position or pitch your organization. Of course, if you can put these reports to any other good uses, we would be most delighted.

Please find in attachment your country report, and below a link to the other country reports: http://www.selusi.eu/index.php?page=business-platform

As a preview of the SELUSI survey efforts coming up, we plan to survey social enterprises again between January and April 2011. Our aim is twofold: (i) try to further expand our database – that is, survey new social enterprises in Romania (and elsewhere), and (ii) engage with your organization again. Again, we will be most grateful for your time and inputs – Your inputs will allow us to shed new light onto the dynamics of individual social enterprises and social enterprises as a whole.

Many thanks once again. Wishing you a warm winter holiday season.


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